Sunday, October 10, 2010

Aunu’u ... Has a Bowflex

To celebrate our Monday holiday (yes, we get Colobus Day off in Samoa!), a small group of us made the trek to Aunu’u. Alison, Rosa, Veronica and Mark climbed aboard the pick up, and we headed east. The wharf to get to Aunu’u island is on the far east side of the island- about an 1.5-2 hour drive. It was a gorgeous day and a perfect time for the boat to the little island just off American Samoa’s main island of Tutuila. I decided I could make a hobby out of riding back and forth between the the two. The ocean wasn’t rough but a few good waves cooled us off. Veronica teaches on Aunu’u, so she showed us to her house and the elementary school. We decided to do the hike around the island. We past a big taro plantation and made our way to some gorgeous cliffs. By that time we were tempted to jump in and cool off... too bad the currents and waves would bang you up before dragging you out to see. We stopped long enough at the cliffs  to begin the shoot for our Aunu’u calendar.... if models can take pictures at remote locations so can we...look for copies soon... only $12.99 :) We then found the arch that has been formed out of the rocks, but the tide was too high to go into the cave I learned about last year. The quicksand lake that I had never stopped at before was unimpressive. Rain has formed a water layer over the quicksand, so it looks just like a lake to the naked eye. Throwing in a rock will splash up the muddy quick sand, but that’s about all. 
We complete our hike around the island (taking only about 3-4 hours in all). We discovered a bow flex weight machine on islands. How the heck did they get that there!? (Refer to the pictures below to see how tiny the Aunu’u boat is!) Alison also found a dreamy man to stare at....we think he uses the bowflex ...a lot.
Once we got back to the other side, we debated about taking a swim. Such a good choice we made. The water was awesomely refreshing, as we marveled at our buoyancy in the extremely salty water. A Snickers milk shake at Samu’s completed the afternoon! What a perfect Monday off from work! 
 taro Farm

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Aunu'u Warf


  1. Hahah Ya'll are too funny! And those pictures are gorgeous!

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